Things I've found to be true

I was talking to Ben this morning about Yom Kippur & we ended the conversation with me saying I needed to do some reflection myself (Yom Kippur is the day of atonement for Jews). This is what I came up with based on my life experience so far. I figured I'd share it as it might help someone else who is similar to me.


Do not drink often. Never smoke - it keeps your thoughts clear. Never neglect physical fitness. Never neglect personal hygiene. Invest in style & persona. Get paid help for things you're too busy for. Live to help the world, not kill it. Lastly, always create (see work for more on this).


It's beautiful. It can also be destructive. Humans change. Know this & account for it. Never waste someone else's time if they are not on the same page. Don't get stuck on love, casual romantic encounters give you valuable life experience. Finally, don't follow any other rules; if it feels right, rush in.


Do it often. No matter what. Out of your city, anywhere is fine. It's about the people & the scene, not the Instagram or Facebook photos. Make a plan to visit 24 cities in the next 12 months & execute.


First & foremost, do your absolute best. Reconsider your decisions often & make sure they're still right. If you're sure, then don't give up until you achieve what you set out to do. Learn to work with people & not against them. Find a way to inspire & motivate the people you work with. Make sure that you are inspired & motivated by the people you work with. If you're not, reconsider your work. Work does not stop at the office, but it does stop somewhere, find the limit & never cross it. Your job should not be the only work you do, ever, create things on your free time - it's the most fulfilling work you ever do. Finally, make sure you believe in the work you're doing because it is a reflection of you.


Do not just donate your money; donate your time, skill set & yourself (blood, organs, etc). Life is hard & a lot of people don't have it as good as you do. Appreciate that & share your good fortune, it's not that difficult & it feels great. Finally, measure your giving; shoot for at least 5% of yourself. Someone has helped you at some point - never ever forget that.