Links I wish Google would show for "Auston Bunsen"

When you google "Auston Bunsen", this comes up & a few other links, but there are a lot of links I wish would hit the first page of results. This is a list of those links:

  1. Auston Bunsen speaking at WebCongress

  2. Miami Herald quoting Auston at WebCongress

  3. iOS web framework created by Auston

  4. Entrepreneur magazine interview with Auston Bunsen

  5. Miami Herald repost of Why I moved to Miami

  6. Tech Cocktail asks me Why Miami is an Awesome City for Tech

  7. coverage of Auston Bunsen's SuperConf

  8. Cloud Plumbing Interview with me

  9. Auston Bunsen's rebuttal to Juan Pablo Capello in the Miami Herald

Hopefully this will give the google-bot some guidance as to what is actually relevant when people Google "Auston Bunsen".