A short guide to dining on The Farm

So, I was one of the first people to experience a very new & personal experience being crafted by the talented Chef Keith Kalmanowicz at the Earth N Us farm. After some discussion about how much I appreciated the dinner he made for me, I've offered to write a short guide to dining on The Farm. Enjoy!


First and foremost, The Farm is a special place and should be treated as such. All of your expectations should be checked at the entrance, you can revisit them once your time on The Farm is over. This is probably the most important point, because you need to have a sense of discovery, open mindedness and enchantment in order to truly appreciate the unique nature of The Farm.

As far as practical details go, I think it's fairly straight forward:

Preparation - You should bring your own speakers for music, a bluetooth speaker should be sufficient. If you don't have one or forget it, don't worry! There are lots of nice people that will pass by and plenty of interesting things to look at to occupy your mind.

Additionally, I have to stress this; bring some OFF (the anti mosquito spray).

During the summer months, you will suffer countless and relentless attacks from any bloodsucking creatures if you're not prepared. So be prepared! Last point on preparation; make sure you let Keith know if you'd like a particular beverage to accompany your dinner, like wine or sparkling water or something that is not tap water.

Location - The location is in Little Haiti and tucked away from main roads, so if you have not ever been before, I'd recommend using a GPS or mapping app on your phone. You're in the right place if you see lots of cars with bike racks & hippie bumper stickers.

Parking - Not a very clear situation, so make sure you check with Keith about where to park beforehand. You might be able to park in a spot you think you're not able to park in and not able to park in a spot that looks like it's perfect for parking. Just give him a call if he did not give you instructions beforehand.

The Farm - Once you're on The Farm, be sure to wander a bit (but not into anyones home). There is a lot to admire about The Farm; treehouses, lush vegetation, animals of all sorts - emus, hogs, ducks, turkeys, goats, etc - living out their lives, a volleyball court, beautifully crafted hammocks, outdoor showers & countless numbers of nice, genuine people who live on the farm going about their business. It's a really beautiful place & you should probably pause and reflect at this point, if you haven't already.


Dining area - There are so many choice spots on The Farm to dine. In my opinion, they're all perfect in their own way. Some people prefer to eat on a hard floor with a covering, others love the soft feel of the earth under their feet and sky above them. No matter where you end up eating, you'll have plenty to talk about and see. This is the reason you're here, so do your best to understand and appreciate every little detail about this spot, it was likely chosen just for you by Keith. If you have preferences I'd advise giving Keith a heads up so he can try to accommodate you.

Dinner - You're in good hands. Enjoy everything about it. You're in a place that not many people get to see in Miami, let alone in life. Cheers!